This website organizes research I have conducted into the Male family history, from which many lines of Males, Mails, Mayles, Mayhles and a multitude of other spellings descend.

The site is currently being developed; creating individual pages for thousands of individuals is a time-consuming process and one that will take some time to fully complete. The beauty and curse of genealogy is the unintended journeys; that is, the "side trails" that are identified and investigated when the original question was something completely different. However, these often relate to the human side of genealogy, when we are able to most closely connect with our ancestors through their life events.

Please check back frequently for updates. The blog will identify key milestones in the website's development, as well as interesting stories and events that are uncovered along the way. If you have any photos or documents you would like to submit to the project, please use the submit a photo link.

Any feedback or ideas relating to the website is always welcome. If you have any comments, or if you'd just like to introduce yourself, I'd love to hear from you! Please contact me anytime.

Greg Mayle